The Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care

About Us

The Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care is a prestigious university  which offers graduate programmes of study in Cosmetology and Cosmetic Chemistry.

The mission of the Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care is to provide its students with an education of high practical and academic value, placing emphasis on the advancement of scientific research. At the same time, educational objectives address the needs of the world outside the academia-labour demand in the areas of health sciences and healthcare.

The Academy was founded in 2000. The Academy is situated in one of the most picturesque places in Poland—the Old Town in Warsaw. Adjacent to the historic Old Town, the Academy premises comprise lecture rooms, research centres and laboratories.  For 17 years, the school has gained a leading position in the educational market in the field of cosmetology and cosmetic chemistry. Its success lays in an innovative teaching program tailored to the demands of the labor market, cooperation with valued scientists and practitioners, and the unceasing and inspiring research that continues to enrich its research output.

Academy Staff

  • Prof. PhD., Eng. Jacek Arct
  • Prof. PhD., Eng. Władysław Brud
  • Prof. PhD., Eng Sergiusz Dzierzgowski
  • PhD. Eng. Beata W. Domagalska
  • MSc. Monika Kaleta
  • PhD. Eng. Karolina Leleń-Kamińska
  • MSc. Ilona Osińska
  • PhD. Katarzyna Pytkowska
  • MSc. Ewa Sobolewska
  • M.D. Ph.D. Dorota Wydro


The Academy boasts its own publishing house, which has issued a significant number of titles, including monographs in the broadly defined field of cosmetology.

  • Book publications unique in the Polish cosmetology market
  • Student workbooks with original presentations
  • Lectures (full lecture scripts!)
  • Student handbooks.

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