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We are committed to the efficient use of the existing intellectual potential and research of ACHC and the transfer of scientific ideas, processes, patents or original ideas to the economy for their practical application.

- Get reliable help in the introduction of cosmetics, services and equipment (diagnostic and treatment for beauticians and for cosmetic chemistry) on the Polish and Eastern markets!

- Tailor-made training dedicated to specific needs your team

- Test prototypes of professional cosmetics in our professional laboratories

- Use our expert know-how based on our interdisciplinary team 


The Academy of Cosmetic and Health Care has:

- results of research with high commercialisation potential

- research results corresponding to the current needs of the market

- organised research teams

- specialised scientific and research equipment

- the ability to perform research and development projects commissioned by industry


Team of experts

ACHC uses many years of expertise in the fields of cosmetic chemistry, microbiology, cosmetology, medicine, pharmacology, providing the highest quality services. ACHC cooperates with many scientific institutions, companies and producers of cosmetics in Poland and abroad.


ACHC offer:

- Teaching and research centre for cosmetic chemistry;

- Laboratory of cosmetic chemistry;

- Laboratory of cell cultures;

- Laboratory of cosmetic product evaluation;

- Teaching, research and service centre for professional cosmetology.


Expert services:

- Research and reports on bibliographic data;

- Preparation of cosmetics documentation under current legal regulations;

- Preparation of expert opinions;

- Preparation of training and courses.


Formulation research:

- Creation and optimisation of new formulations;

- Product/cosmetic raw materials stability assessment;

- Cosmetic ingredients compatibility assessment.


Specialist research:

- Anti-radical activity evaluation;

- evaluation of antibacterial and antifungal properties;

- Test of skin penetration according to SCCP / 0970/06;

- Test of radiation penetration through the skin according to SCCP / 0970/06;

- Evaluation of hair colouring;

- Evaluation of whitening of fabrics by antiperspirants.


Instrumental assessment:

- Corneometer;

- Tewameter;

- Sebumeter;

- Glossymeter;

- Profilometer;

- Short-term assessment (4-6 hours);

- Long-term assessment (4-6 weeks).


Dermatological research:

- Contact tests.


Application research:

- Quantitative and qualitative sensory assessment;

- Hedonic tests.


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